Anti-Fatigue Lenses: Take The Pressure Off

Have you been noticing blurred vision, headaches, and eye strain at the end of the day?
Do you spend the majority of your day looking at screens?

We are spending more and more time each day on our devices, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone. Often after a long day of work in front of a screen, we unwind by spending more time on another screen, forcing our eyes to focus on those very bright and very small pixels mere inches away.

myopic-childrenThis causes our eyes to get stressed to the point of exhaustion, and has long-lasting effects especially on children and teenagers whose eyes are still growing. Their prescriptions may increase over time, or they may get tired of studying without knowing that it’s their eyes that got tired first, before their brains.


Anti-fatigue lenses are the answer. Also known as Active5 or Eyezen, they take the pressure off your eyes by adding a small degree of magnification below the pupil, which allows the eye muscles to relax, and makes it easier to go back and forth between far and near focus.

essilor-anti-fatigue-eyeglass-lensesEach lens is custom made, taking into consideration your frame size, where your pupils sit on the lens, and your working distance. When you are reading up close on your device, your pupils move just a bit closer to each other, and you are looking through the bottom part of the lens at an angle. An anti-fatigue lens takes these factors into consideration to reduce eye strain.

Anti-fatigue lenses are available at our store, they come with a complimentary anti-reflection coating (AR). Drop by and I can tell you more about them.



Richard Li

Your optician at Appleby Opticals